Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of the United Nations (UN). Its incentive is to illustrate the work and commitment of the UN on the basis of discussing current internationally relevant topics within the framework of a UN committee’s rules. The goal is to come up with a compromise for the issues discussed that all parties involved can sign. MUN exists all around the globe with various schools and universities organizing their conferences, independent from an organization but with similar rules and regulations. 

The major part of attendees are delegates, who represent previously assigned countries and their views in UN committees during the debate. Chairs preside over the committee, ensuring rules are followed and the discussion keeps moving forward. The staff, headed by a Secretary-General and a Deputy-General, is responsible for the framework so that the debate can run smoothly.


Roles for participants


A delegate represents his/her assigned country in one of the conference’s committees. After receiving the topic, delegates prepare for the debate by researching approaches and their assigned country’s opinion. During the conference, delegates have to find a generally acceptable solution while simultaneously representing their assigned country’s point of view appropriately. Being a delegate is usually the role one holds during his/her first encounter with MUN. As committees deal with problems with different degrees of difficulty, every delegate will be able to find the committee best suitable for him/her.

A chair is the head of a committee, usually serving as part of a pair. His/her duty is to keep the debate moving forward and to ensure that the rules and regulations are being followed. Being a chair requires at least some familiarity and experience, so participants need to have participated in at least two MUN conferences before, with at least once have been part of the committee they wish to serve as a chair.

A faculty advisor administers his/her delegations’ (meaning a group of delegates from the same school or university) visit at a MUN conference. Hence, this position is usually filled out by teachers. Faculty Advisors further serve as a contact person for the organizers and as a link between the organizers and the delegates.

What is MUN?