Abigail Adamson

We manage the public appearance of the HUGMUN 2021 covering everything from social media to our website and at the conference itself, for example, providing you with conference news, feeds on the social media, and the delegate bag. Therefore, we are in close cooperation with the Secretariat.

Office of Public Relations

Our Offices

Paris Chit-Ngam

Ronja Cleve

Days full of exciting debates can only be survived with appropriate food. Therefore, we take care of the snacks and meals for the delegates. Furthermore, we organise hygienic equipment so that a safe encounter can be ensured.

Office of Supply

Most of all, the Secretariat coordinates the work of the offices and prepares the group meetings. Furthermore, it is the first port of call for participants of the HUGMUN 2021 and we will provide you with all the necessary information during and already beforehand the HUGMUN 2021. Thus, if you have any questions or requests, do not hesitate to contact us via contact@hugmun.eu.


Lea Schalla

Katharina Widmann

Tessa Fink


Raul Würfl

Mira Friederich

Philipp Maier

Carla Biermann

Nikita Mitrofanov

Henri Pinar

Stella Wohnig

Kevin Dacian

As the Office of Events, we organise the social events of the HUGMUN 2021, allowing delegates to make new acquaintances outside of the committees. Additionally, due to the unusual circumstances, we are responsible for the development of a hygiene concept.

Office of Events

Lotte Lehmann

Anastasia Mitschke

Dominic Bauer

Visiting the HUGMUN 2021 means staying away from home for many of you. We provide accommodation for all attendees and answer all questions concerning your travel to, in, and around Munich and Vaterstetten.

Office of Transport and Accomodation

Jonas Friederich

Tim Wölfinger

Fees, donations, or catering - money plays an important role in every project. At HUGMUN 2021, we are responsible for monitoring the conferences' incomes and expenditures and thus enable the distribution of resources. All in all, we ensure the stable financial situation of the HUGMUN 2021.

Office of Finances

Simon Waldmann

Christina Wiese

Christina Wiese

Head Faculty Advisor

Deputy Secretary-General

Antonia Bhandari